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Glass Igloo 180°

We have three 25m2 180° Igloos located only a few meters away from the sea. The Igloos are perfect for short term stays. All the igloos have heated floors and we guarantee you will stay warm and comfortable during your whole stay in any kind of weather.

Electrical adjustable super king size double bed.

Until our onsite restaurant is finished the igloos will be equipped with improvised kitchen facilities including
a toaster oven which also works as a microwave, fridge, plates, glasses, cups, cutlery and more. See this list of 60 meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) you can make in a toaster oven:

If cooking when on holiday is not your thing there are some great options in restaurants in the town of Storslett/Sørkjosen 25min further north along the E6. When booking activities we can offer transport to/from restaurants after the activity tours.

Our own onsite restaurant is set to open in 2019.

Warm ensuite bathroom with shower, WC, sink, mirror, hairdryer and 150L of hot water supply.

Seating area
Two stylish and comfortable chairs with a drink table.

Blackout blinds in all floor to ceiling windows.

Private parking right outside the door.

All our houses has a 100mbps internet connection delivered on enterprise WiFi equipment.

Experience the Northern Lights

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