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How to get to Lyngen North from Tromsø?2018-08-09T12:05:59+00:00

See our transport information page 


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further help.

Is the end-cleaning included?2018-07-26T14:46:31+00:00

Yes, the end-cleaning is always included in the price.

Is bedlinen and towels included in the price?2018-07-25T09:30:39+00:00

Yes, both bedlinen and towels is included in the price.

How is my credit card data handled?2018-03-25T21:53:22+00:00

When booking directly through our online booking your credit card data will never touch our web server and we can not access nor see your card numbers.
The way we can process a payment is through a token from our payment provider. The token is useless if stolen and can not be used to reverse-engineer your credit card data.

Lyngen North uses Stripe as a payment processor. Stripe is is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Stripe is used by famous brands like Target, Lyft, Unicef, Pinterest and more.

With that being said always make sure to check your web browser for the green padlock in the address bar when sending sensitive data over the internet.


The green padlock confirms that your connection between your device and the trusted website is encrypted.

What is the cancellation policy?2018-03-24T21:54:35+00:00

31 days or more prior to arrival = Loss of deposit
30 days or less prior to arrival = 100% of the booking amount

Do I need to pay a deposit?2019-04-11T20:58:19+00:00

We require a 20% deposit for all bookings.

Are there any wild animals around?2018-03-16T00:19:32+00:00

In the nearby woods and fields there are, amongst others, moose/elk, foxes and rabbits.
There are no predatory animals like wolves and bears in the area.

What household goods are provided for?2018-07-25T09:28:59+00:00

Bedlinen, towels, soap, toilet paper, kitchen paper, kitchen towels, dishwashing liquid, candles and more.

Will the northern lights be like in the pictures?2018-03-28T13:52:15+00:00

Sometimes the northern lights is one or more thic green and pink stripes splitting up the sky above and brightening up the trees and landscape around while violently moving around, other times it’s a green blanket covering the whole sky, other times it shows up as small flares popping up in seemingly random places among the stars and sometimes it just looks like a vaguely green cloud.

Most of the photos of the northern lights is captured using long exposure time together with other settings affecting the amount of light the camera lens is exposed to.

Example 1:
The picture below was captured with a exposure time of 35,4 seconds, ISO 800 and a f number 13 on a full moon night in January 2017.

Example 2:
The picture below was captured with a exposure time of 33,7 seconds ISO 800 and a f number 11 on a new moon night in September 2017. On example 3 we have tried to make example 2 closer to what it looks like with the naked eye.

Long exposure northern lights example 2

Example 3:
This is far from aurora at it’s brightest and most prominent, but gives a more realistic look of how example 2 would have looked like with the naked eye. (Turn your screen brightness up to max).


What is in the igloo kitchenette?2018-03-15T21:55:08+00:00

The kitchen in the igloo features a stovetop, fridge, small freezer, plates, cutlery, kettle, coffee, tea, salt, pepper, cooking oil, glasses, cups and more.

Microwave and coffeemaker can be added per request.

I am not arriving by rental car. Is there anywhere nearby where I can buy food?2018-03-15T21:50:11+00:00

The closest grocery store is 5km away and the closest restaurant is 25km away.
We will take you to the supermarket before bringing you to Lyngen North.

Will there be staff available on-site?2018-03-15T21:36:06+00:00

Yes, although we do not have a reception building we are always available on short notice to assist you if you have any questions, concerns or need assistance.

The staff can be reached by phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and email.

I am arriving very late. How do I check in?2018-03-15T20:58:34+00:00

Late arrivals is not a problem. We will come up with a convenient solution for self check in if you are arriving after midnight. Please contact us in advanced if you are arriving after 21.00 (9pm).

Where do I check in?2018-03-15T20:46:28+00:00

Unfortunately we do not have a reception building on site. If you are arriving by public transport or pickup service we will take you straight to your igloo/house.

If you are arriving by rental car we will be on-site to welcome you upon arrival. We will give you a phone call on the arrival day when your igloo or house is ready for check in. Our guaranteed check in time is 15.00.

When is Check in and Check out?2018-03-15T20:39:47+00:00

Our guaranteed check in time is 15.00 (3pm)
Our check out time is before 12.00 (noon)

We can be flexible depending on the current availability so please do not hesitate to ask.