Northern lights seen from inside a 360º glass igloo at Lyngen North

Lyngen North

Sleep under the northern lights

by Ola Berg, 05 July, 2022

Right in the center of the aurora belt is a small-scale glass igloo hotel called Lyngen North. The hotel is located by the fjord in front of the majestic Lyngen Alps, a short journey from the city of Tromsø .

The rooms stay warm and comfortable through the coldest winter nights, so the guests at the glass igloo hotel will have a comfortable sleep under the northern lights.

As a guest at Lyngen North you will be on location for the aurora. If the northern lights appear you will be onsite for where the aurora and Norwegian landscape is at its most beautiful.

Read about how the British star Joanna Lumley first saw the northern lights at Lyngen North.

Northern lights seen from inside Restaurant Solvind

Restaurant Solvind

Dining under the northern lights

The onsite restaurant “Solvind ” will provide for a delicious three-course menu every evening. Restaurant Solvind has huge glass windows towards the Lyngen Alps and night sky. When the lights appear the lights will be dimmed down so you might already have experienced the aurora before calling it a night in your glass igloo.

Dinner and breakfast is always included in the glass igloo rate. It is also possible to have lunch service in the restaurant, if you are not outside doing snowshoeing or other daytime activities.

Glass igloos at Lyngen North in Norway

Glass igloo 360º at Lyngen North under the northern lights

Glass igloo 360º

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