Scenic ride from the city center of Tromsø

Travel guide - The Arctic Route

(This service is available all days in the period 1st of December to the 31st of March)

The Arctic Route is the most convenient way to reach Lyngen North from Tromsø during the winter season. It will bring you all the way to Lyngen North and have daily departures for both the north and southbound routes.

Traveling with The Arctic Route is safe, reliable and friendly to the environment.

On board the coaches there are modern facilities, such as adjustable seats with seat belts, panoramic views, air-conditioning/heating, toilet, video, fridge, coffee machine, Wi-Fi etc. The drivers speak English and are highly trained and qualified when it comes to driving in Arctic winter conditions.

From Tromsø

  • Everyday (Dec - Mar)

    • Departure Scandic Ishavshotel 9am

    • Arrival Lyngen North 12.10pm

To Tromsø

  • Everyday (Dec - Mar)

    • Departure Lyngen North 2.10pm

    • Arrival Tromsø city center 5.25pm