Scenic journey

Travel guide - Rental car from Tromsø Airport

This guide will show you how to arrive to Lyngen North from Tromsø by rental car.

Route 1 - ferry route:

This is the same route as the regional buses are taking and offers the best views of the two routes. You will be crossing the Ullsfjord and Lyngenfjord by car ferries.

One disadvantage of taking this route is that there are no restaurants to stop for food along the way. Another ting to take into consideration is that the only big supermarket along this route is in Lyngseidet at the ferry port and you might not be able to catch the next ferry leaving for Olderdalen if you do the shopping in Lyngseidet (the ferries leave approximately every hour from 7.20am to 9.20pm on weekdays and 9.10am to 7.25pm on weekends).

There is a small supermarket close to the ferry port in Olderdalen which is open from 9am – 6pm on weekdays and 9am to 3pm on Saturdays.

Keep in mind the ferry time table might have changed since this guide was published. You will find the most recent timetable here under "Lyngen ferries".

  1. Drive from Tromsø – Breivikeidet ferry dock (40 min)
  2. Take the ferry Breivikeidet – Svensby (20 min)
  3. Drive from Svensby ferry port – Lyngseidet ferry port (30 min)
  4. Take the ferry Lyngseidet – Olderdalen (45 min)
  5. Drive from Olderdalen ferry port to Lyngen North (15 min)

Route 2 - Around the fjords:

The second route takes you in and out of the fjords and involves the double amount of time spent behind the wheel. You will however be freed from the fixed ferry schedule.

In Nordkjosbotn you will also find two big supermarkets where you might want to do your grocery shopping before arriving to Lyngen North.

Start by driving south along the E8 road out of Tromsø before heading north along the E6 in Nordkjosbotn. Keep driving on the E6 for approximately 2h until you get to Djupvik and the road sign that says “Lyngen North / Spåkenes”. Make a left turn off the E6 and drive for 2 minutes and make a left turn when you reach the second sign that says Lyngen North along the road Spåkenesveien.