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Travel guide - Public bus from Tromsø

The regional buses from Tromsø leaves from the bus terminal building at Prostnes in the city center. The city center of Tromsø is on the south-east end of the island. Tromsø Airport is on the opposite side of the island.

The exact location of the bus terminal is here .

To get to the city center of Tromsø from the airport you will need to take the airport express bus or a taxi to the Prostnes Havneterminal where the regional routes are starting from. The buses leave from inside the terminal building in Tromsø City Center. It will say “TROMSØ HAVN PROSTNESET” in big capital letters on the building. It is inside the same building as the Visit Tromsø main office. From the bus terminal you can take bus 150 or 160. When boarding the bus you can tell the driver you are going to "Spåkenes / Djupvik krysset" and they will know where to let you off.

The bus will not take you all the way to Lyngen North. So you will need to let us know in advanced which bus you will be taking and we will arrange for your pickup at the bus stop. The exact location of the bus stop is here .