Couple walking on the open snowfields of Spåkenes.
Couple walking on the open snowfields of Spåkenes.

Lyngen North

Snowshoeing Tour

A fun and easy activity available onsite. The snowshoeing starts from the doorstep of Lyngen North and over the open snow fields of Spåkenes to our wildernesscamp.

Guided Snowshoeing Tour

Your guide will meet you after breakfast in the restaurant at 10am, and help you find the correct size clothing before going outside. Just outside the restaurant, the guide will show you how to put on the snowshoes and make sure you are ready before starting the tour.

The snowshoeing tour will take you over the open snowfields of Spåkenes and into the outskirts of the forrest. There is in no rush, so there will be plenty of time to stop and take photos along the way. The walk to the wildernesscamp is not strenuous and no more than 1,5km on flat terrain at your own pace.

Once at the camp, a small lunch will ber served inside the warm lavvu tent. After you have warmed up and had a meal you can have fun racing on snow sleds in the slope behind the camp.

If you are up for it, the guide will bring you for an historic walk at Spåkenes Kystfort (WWII fortress) on the way back.

Snowshoeing Tour

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1440,- NOK per person