Skier racing down Storhaugen with the Lyngen Alps in the background

Lyngen North

Ski touring in the Lyngen

The high season for ski touring in Lyngen Alps Region starts at the end of February and lasts till the beginning of May. It is possible to go skiing earlier in the year, but the short days and low light conditions make it difficult. Often you can go skiing also in June, but this late in the year, you must prepare to carry your skis for much of the tour.

Storhaugen 1142m

The closest mountain accessible from Lyngen North is Storhaugen. The tour starts from the cemetery in Djupvik, a 3-minute drive from Lyngen North. Due to its easy access and stunning views towards the Lyngen Alps, Storhaugen is one of the top summits for backcountry skiing in the Lyngen Alps Region. Locals consider the tour to be “safe” with low avalanche risk. At the very top of the mountain, however, is a 700m drop. So please proceed with caution when you get to the rock cairns at the very top, as it often builds up a snow cornice over the edge.

Uløytinden 1116m

The island of Uløya is accessible by ferry #198 between Rotsund – Havnnes. You don’t need to bring your car over with the ferry as the start of the tour is only a short walk from the ferry port at Havnnes. In Havnnes you will find a small shop and toilet facilities (small fee). Just like Storhaugen, does Uløytiden offer stunning views of the Lyngen Alps and you can ski from the summit to sea. Uløytinden is also less crowded as its only accessible by ferry/boat. The tour is also considered to be reasonably safe if you make sure to take precautions.

Nordmanviktinden 1355m

Starting from the small town of Olderdalen, a 15 minutes drive from Lyngen North. Nordmannviktinden is to be considered a bit more challenging than both Storhaugen and Uløytinden. The descent requires a bit more consideration due to the steep terrain one might suddenly find oneself in, especially in the steep couloir starting from the very top.

Where to Rent Ski Equipment

If you don’t want to bring your own skis, you can get a great deal for equipment rental at Tromsø Outdoor . They have skis, splitboards, boots, avalanche safety gear and more. As you most likely will be arriving and departing from Tromsø, you can conveniently just stop by Tromsø Outdoor to pick up the equipment on your way in and drop it off on the way out.

Backcountry skiing at Lyngen North


Safety and Precautions

Every year lives get lost in the Lyngen Alps and surrounding mountains. Both tourists and locals, sometimes well trained and highly educated mountaineers make small but fatal mistakes. Lyngen North can at best offer limited advice on avalanche danger and mountain safety. Booking a certified mountain guide is highly recommended.

  • Bring safety gear with you: Avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel, and an avalanche airbag. You will find everything at Tromsø Outdoor .
  • Read and understand the up to date Avalanche forecast at
  • Be in good physical form.
  • Make sure your travel insurance covers ski touring.
  • Study and plan your ascent and decent before heading out.
  • Have a good understanding of the climate in Northern Norway and how it affects the avalanche danger.