Do you dream about experiencing the Northern Lights?
From the end of August till the beginning of April the aurora borealis is visible in Northern Norway. The peninsula Spåkenes where Lyngen North is located is an excellent place for observing the lights.

By the coast the temperatures usually stay around -5 til -10°c in winter which is considerably warmer than further inland of Norway and Lapland. The open landscape together with the spectacular Lyngen Alps shapes the ultimate scene for the northern lights to appear.

Our glass igloos are comfortable and warm hotel rooms with ensuite bathrooms built for the purpose of being able to observe the northern lights while not having to stand outside in the cold.

What are your chances of seeing the lights?

There are unfortunately not any meaningful statistics or historic data on what your chances are of seeing the lights at a given date/period in the northern lights season (Sep – April). It might be more meaningful to chose your dates based on other factors like if you want to do snow activities during your stay you can count on that that there will be a snow cover on the ground from late December till mid April.

See more info on our Climate and Seasons page.

If you would like to draw your own conclusion based on the previous years weather data, you can find historic weather data for Spåkenes at

Northern Lights Forecast

The northern lights activity can at best be predicted two nights in advanced. As the northern lights is glowing above the highest clouds the weather becomes the biggest obstacle in your way of experiencing the lights. Use the Norway Lights forcast for Tromsø to see the forecast for the next two nights.

Other services like Aurora Service EU shows the forecast activity by using the kp index. The higher the kp index number, the better are your chances of seeing the lights during the northern lights season.

The northern lights will always be present also during the summer months, but can only be observed from the end of August till the start of April.

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