The weather changes drastically through the year in Northern Norway. Even on day to day basis it can change from completely cloudy to sunshine within minutes. All our houses are luckily heated so you will stay warm and comfortable no matter what show the weather is putting up outside.


Arctic Summer at Lyngen North

In summer the temperatures may vary between 4 – 25 degrees celcius (40 – 77f). The midnight sun arrives around the 20th of May and stay until the 22nd of July. This means on clear days you will have 24h of sunlight!


The autumn arrives in late September and with it, it brings chances of seeing the northern northern lights. The trees will start to shed their leaves and you might be impressed by the great display of colors in the vegetation. You might get warm days of sunshine and cold nights with clear skies, perfect for seeing the theater of the northern lights.


In December the nights will be long, very, very long. With the darkness of the polar night comes also high chances of finding the northern lights.

Although there might have been snow fall earlier in the year, it usually does not stick around until the middle of December by the coast in Northern Norway where Lyngen North is located.

The temperatures in winter may vary between -2 to -15c by the coast. We have warm thermo suits and winter boots available on-site.


The days will quickly become longer and warmer at the end of March. After the long winter there is still plenty of snow to go dog-sledding, skiing, snowmobiling or snowshoeing.

You will start to hear the returning birds singing from the tree tops and one occasional warm breeze flowing through the frozen landscape. It is still possible to experience the Northern Lights until the middle of April.

The temperature will stay between 8 to -10c.