Hello! My name is Ola, and this is the story about our secluded glass igloo resort in Northern Norway.

Back in 2013 when I was living in Oslo, my father Torbjørn made plans to build something he called a glass igloo. My father always kept himself busy with various projects and he has a strong drive to finish what he start. One of his craziest projects must be the boat marina at Lyngen North. A one-man job moving hundreds of tons of rock from all around the village down to the beach at Spåkenes.

In 2004 he built our two Lyngenfjord Houses together with our neighbors, who are carpenters by profession. Every summer he would host guests who came to Spåkenes for a recreational fishing adventure on the Lyngenfjord. After the summer was over, the place went quiet and he would pick up his other projects.

He had seen glass igloos before on a trip to Finland and was impressed with how they looked. A glass igloo, similar to the ones he had seen there would be perfect on the beach at Spåkenes, with views towards the Lyngen Alps.

Sure enough, in April 2014 an igloo structure was raised. For a year the igloo “skeleton” was standing there, waiting to be finished while Torbjørn was working on other projects.

Meanwhile, I had become more involved and was answering booking requests and working on the company’s website. I felt more and more excited about the development at home and eventually, in 2016 I quit my IT job and moved from Tromsø to pursue the project together with my father.

Back then we called ourselves “Spåkenes Sjøbuer AS”. If you read that twice, I probably don’t have to tell you why we changed it. It was just way too hard and awkward for our international customers to pronounce.

Just after New Year’s 2016, we finished our first glass igloo, and it took a week or two before we had our first booking through an online travel agency. I was both excited and a bit nervous to welcome our first guests in the igloo.

Luckily, it was a lovely couple and our igloo was precisely the type of place they had been searching for: A glass igloo at a frozen beach in Northern Norway with majestic mountains and northern lights. We soon realized this couple was not the only ones looking for a place like ours. After the first winter season, we teamed up with local activity operators and started offering winter activities like dog sledding, snowmobiling and snowshoeing.

In 2018 my brother Daniel joined our team to help out with the development and daily operations. We have since then built three new 180º Glass Igloos. Lyngen North consists of five glass igloos and two Lyngenfjord Houses open all year-round.



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