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About Lyngen North

Lyngen North is a holiday destination located on the Spåkenes Peninsula in the northern part of Norway, approximately 200 kilometers north of Tromsø and 20 kilometer south of Sørkjosen Airport. Our options for accommodation are modern and comfortable Lyngenfjord houses and glass igloos, both in which you’ll have great views of the Lyngenfjord and Lyngen Alps. During the northern lights’ season, the glass igloos might be particularly convenient, as the whole ceiling is made from see through glass, so that you can look for the northern lights while in bed. We want all our guests to be able to fully experience the peace of the nature, and accommodate for only a limited number of people at the time.

You’ll find the Spåkenes Peninsula untouched and quiet, surrounded by mountains and the Lyngen Fjord. The area offers a wide range of activities all year round. The local area is great for hiking and you’ll have easy access to several sea to summit ski tours of various difficulty – all with amazing views of the Lyngenfjord. For hikes on foot during the winter, we offer snowshoes and winter clothing. Through local operators, we facilitate for among others guided hikes, snowmobile excursions, dog sledding, and ice climbing.     

Our core values

We aim to operate in a manner that is sustainable to the environment, the nature and the local area as a whole. We care about each of our guests, and will always do what we can to make sure you have a pleasant and memorable stay with us.


Build a paradise in harmony with nature for couples and small groups, shaped by the needs of our customers and the company’s own creativity.


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