Simple and convenient

Digital check in

No user registration or app downloads. Just one personal link to unlock and manage your room. Conveniently arrive straight to your room and let yourselves in. Your room will know that you are coming, will set a comfortable temperature and send you the keys electronically.

Step-by-Step how to check in

Step 1 - Before arrival

A few hours before check-in you will receive an SMS and email with your access link to our guest portal. The link will serve as your personal room key during your stay at Lyngen North. The link can easily be shared with your traveling partner(s), so that everyone will each have access to unlock the door and adjust the temperature in your room during your stay.

All you need is a internet connection to access the guest portal. You don't have to download any apps or create a user account. The link is sent to the same phone number and email you used when making your booking with Lyngen North.


Step 2 - Arrival at Lyngen North

Your room will be accessible from the check-in time stated in your guest portal. In the guest portal you can see a map of all the rooms under the "Info" tab in the bottom bar. Your room name will be displayed under "keys" in the web app.

When arriving after the check-in time in the app, you can drive straight to your room and let yourselves in. Each room will have a designated parking spot right outside the door.

If you arrive before check-in your room might not be ready, and you will need to contact the reception beforehand to check if it is ready.

Step 3 - Check in

When outside the door of your room you can simply click the "unlock" icon in the guest portal to unlock the door of your room and let yourselves in.

If you don't want to use, or don't have access to a cellular network, you can make use of the open and free Wifi hotspot onsite (Network name: "Lyngen North"). You don't need to provide a password for this wifi, but will need to accept the "Terms and conditions". Similar to using a free hotspot on an airport.