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We welcome new partners

Our location by the Lyngenfjord is truly unique and special. Visitors and guests often arrive excited by the stunning nature all around. We constantly improving our houses and facilities to compliment the amazing landscape we are fortunate to operate in.

Since the start in 2004 we had guides and booking partners in all seasons. We believe clear communication, fair agreements, honesty, flexibility and understanding each others and the clients concerns is important in a business partnership.

We are flexible and willing to discuss your concerns to make profitable and sustainable business for all parts.


Private marina
In summertime our fishing guests enjoy the convinience of having the boat marina only meters away from their house. In wintertime we take our boats on shore and we welcome guests to bring their own boats or take advantage of the “Ski to Sea” ski taxi offer from our partner Lyngen Adventure. For more info and booking please contact Lyngen Adventure directly.

Gazebo and grill house
Below our two Sea Houses (2-bedroom houses) is a gazebo and grill house.

Fileterian house
Our filiterian house is for use in summertime by our fishing guests. The house features a large cutting table, seating area, weighing equiptment, water hose, high speed WiFi and more.

Forest campsite
In Rotsunddalen (15min away by car) is a campsite made out of timber with space for up to 15-20 people.

Below our two Sea Houses is a Jacuzzi with room for up to 6-7 people.

Outside our 4-bedroom house is a large electric barrel sauna with room for up to 7-8 people.


We can arrange transfer for group bookings from Tromsø Airport, Sørkjosen Airport and Skjervøy havn.

Catering/Food service

Unfortunately we don’t have a restaurant in place for the 2017 season.  All our houses have fully equipped kitchens.