The Lyngen Alps are a mountain range in northeastern Troms county in Norway, east of the city of Tromsø.  You will see them across the Lyngenfjord from our glass igloos at Spåkenes.

The Lyngen peninsula has 124 peaks over 1000 meters and stretches 90km from the Lyngstua in the north to Balsfjordeidet in the south. The tallest peaks at around 1800 meters are found on the south end of the peninsula while you will find the most spectacular mountains in the northern part.

According to archeological findings, people have lived here for 10.000 years — the first settlers in Lyngen where nomadic hunters/gatherers and fishers.

Ski Touring in the Lyngen Alps

Ski touring Lyngen Alps in Northern Norway

Ski touring in the Lyngen Alps in Northern Norway

In recent years, the region has become one of the worlds most popular backcountry skiing destinations. Many of the famous peaks allow you to ski from summit to sea. The high season for ski touring is from the end of February – May. Some of the more popular peaks for skiing are Storgalten, Rørnestinden, and Jiehkkevárri.

On the opposite side of the fjord is the lesser known Kåfjord Alps. One could argue that the Kåfjord Alps offers the best views as you will be facing the spectacular east wall of the Lyngen Alps that drop straight into the sea. The Kåfjord Alps also offers many great ski tours like Storhaugen, Nordmannviktinden, and Sorbmegaissa.

Skiing in the Lyngen Alps requires you to be in good shape and have a good understanding of the alpine climate in Northern Norway. For your safety, we highly recommend booking a certified guide like Lyngen Guide and always read the Avalanche Forecast before you go skiing.

Summer Hiking

You will also find hiking opportunities for all levels during the summer months. Hidden below the high peaks are crystal blue lakes, vast open plains, glaciers, and wildlife. See more hiking adventures on our summer hiking page.

Read more in Jan R. Olsen’s book “Images of the Lyngen Alps.”