Growing up going on hiking trips and observing wildlife was a part of our education at school and something we often would do on weekends with family. As a kid it didn’t cross my mind that there are many people in this world that can’t just start a hiking tour from their front door and be back after a few hours of being in wild pristine nature.

As I got older and had access to gaming consoles and internet it got harder to make the first step out the door. Once I was out however I’d be back at it, jumping from rock to rock and balancing on dead trees. Now that I’m older I don’t do as much jumping and balancing, but like many others I still feel the need to go hiking, especially if I’m dealing with complex situations in life. It might not solve your life’s big puzzles, but it can give you the break you need to figure out your next move.

Why go hiking in the Lyngenfjord region?

So why chose to go to Lyngenfjord for your hiking adventure when you can go to Fjord Norway or Lofoten Islands?

All three places checks out on spectacular landscapes to be hiking in. You might already have an opinion on which one has the best landmarks you want to see. The crown jewel of the Lyngenfjord is the Lyngen Alps, a 90km long stretch of mountains that drops straight into the fjord below. The Lyngen Alps has for long been known in the skiing community for the experience of being able to ski from the summit to sea. In the Lyngen Alps you will also find glaciers dating back to the ice age, crystal blue lakes and a rich flora of berries and flowers.

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Lyngen Alps Panorama seen from Lyngen North

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