Experience the Lyngenfjord Houses

At Lyngen North the two Lyngenfjord Houses are next to each other with around 20m in between. Commonly used by groups of up to 8 people. Below the Lyngenfjord Houses is a jacuzzi, a grill house and the boat marina. The front side of the houses is facing the Lyngenfjord which will be right outside your door. Each of the houses is 80 square meters.

Lyngenfjord House facing the Lyngenfjord

Fjord View

The Lyngenfjord Houses is located down by the sea in a peaceful and beautiful environment. Across the fjord you will see he mighty Lyngen Alps dropping straight into the fjord.

Heated Floors

Floor heating in the whole ground floor. Set your preferred temperature.

Inside the Lyngenfjord Houses at Spåkenes
Bathroom of the lyngenfjord houses

Ensuite Bathroom with Private Sauna

The bathrooms of the Lyngenfjord Houses features private Sauna Facilities.

Small Scale Resort

Only five glass igloos and two houses, each with private bathroom facilities.

Cooking Facilities

Fully equipped kitchens with cooking utilities, stove, stovetop, fridge, freezer, microwave, coffe maker, toaster, kettle and more.